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Dry-type single-plate electromagnetic clutches/brakes
Our high-precision products are extremely reliable, with long operating life, rapid response time and low power consumption.We have a complete line-up to meet even the most demanding of project requirements.
Model Type Structure Torque range (Nm) Features
Sel C&B series
Cell cab photo
JC Through shaft clutch 6~400 * Leaf spring drive auto gap.
* 3 times longer life with no adjustment required.
* Performs 100% initial torque.
* Low noise with silent construction.
* Heat radiation ratio increased 60%.
JCC Butt shaft clutch
JB Brake
JEP Butt shaft clutch/brake unit
Warner series
Warner photo
SF Through shaft clutch 7~1800 * Adjustment after installation is not necessary.
* Advanced response and highly accurate on/off.
* Assembly to shaft is easy.
* Heat radiation ability is excellent.
* Most suitable for frequent operation.
* Long life and low consumption.
* Wide variety of unit products.
SFC Butt shaft clutch
PB/PBS Brake
EP/EPS Electro pack (butt shaft clutch/brake unit)
CLC Clutch coupler (butt shaft clutch unit)
ES Electro sheave (Clutch unit with V pulley)
AR Arm brake (Arm hold brake unit)
Pancake series
Thin photo
NC-T Non-hub clutch 3~200 * Super thin and compact.
* High performance spring drive system.
* Zero backlash.
* Highly accurate with excellent response quality.
* Installable in any location.
* Highly reliable clover leaf spring.
NC-H Through shaft clutch
NC-C Butt shaft clutch
NB-T Non-hub brake
NB-C External hub brake
For engines
For engines photo
SF Leaf spring system clutch 65~3000 * Shock and vibration resistant and highly reliable.
* Double rotation leaf spring, easy to install.