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Non-excitation electromagnetic clutches/brakes
Experience the excellent response of our electromagnetic clutches/breaks. Ideally suited for use in industrial robotics and NC machine tools.
Model Type Structure Torque range (Nm) Features
Permanently closed brake
Permanently closed brake photo
ERS-L Leaf spring type 1.5~350 *High response & Highly accurate
*Forced braking is easy
ERS Splined drive type
EPR Clutch/brake unit
Spring closed brake
Spring closed brake photo
SBR Holding brake 0.3~53
*Ultra thin type
*Most suitable for holding/emergency brake
SBM Damping brake 2~37
*Long life and easy to attach on motor
SBS Damping brake 15~1500 *Compact, high torque, small self inertia
SE Large size clutch 1250~16600 *For syncronization
*Large torque capacity