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Heat pipe cooled powder brakes
High efficiency with an integrated heat pipe
A powder brake masterpiece, combining the outstanding reliability of our electromagnetic powder clutches/brakes with a NASA developed heat pipe for superior performance. Already widely deployed and trusted, this heat pipe powder brake has been further improved to create the PTB-BL3. It has extraordinary thermal radiation capability and an acceptable slip rate which outperforms water-cooled models. This model can consistently handle heavy loads for superior performance in all fields.
Heat pipe cooled powder brakes photo

1. Incredible thermal radiation capability which outperforms water-cooled models
With a large capacity fan and steady airflow, the heat pipe effect is increased to achieve thermal radiation characteristics that improve upon water-cooled models.
2. Reliable and efficient heat pipe design
Utilizing a stable operating liquid, it delivers impressive thermal conductivity.
3. Compact with a high performance to cost ratio
Unlike water-cooled systems, it does not require external piping or cooling, drastically reducing operating cost.
4. Simple mounting with POB series compatibility
Mounting requires simple electrical wiring, and the mounting needs only simple electrical wiring, and since the dimension is the same as the POB series, allowing component reuse and ease of upgrading.
5. Spherical powder yields excellent operating characteristics and an extended operating life
We see high precision, stable torque characteristics, and can maintain long operating life even under a heavy load.
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Heat pipe cooled powder brakes