Industrial Electrical Equipment & Power System

Creating a beneficial symbiosis of industry and the environment has become a global challenge. We provide lifting magnets to more efficiently handle metals in resource recycling processes, and other high efficiency electric generators and cogeneration systems that contribute to lowering energy consumption by manufacturers. We also supply various kinds of industrial power generators including ultra high vacuum melting furnaces for advanced metal materials development and ground power units that supply electric power for aircraft maintenance. Lower costs and energy conservation are twin results of using our technologies.

  • Transport metal by electromagnetic force./Lifting Magnet
  • Scrap Handling
  • Product Handling
  • Control Panel
  • Supply Power to Parked Aircraft for Saving Jet Fuel/Ground Power Unit For Aircraft Electrical Systems
  • Ground Power Unit
  • 400Hz CVCF

Stable galvanization of steel sheet/Electromagnetic strip stabilizerForm, and purify metal/Vacuum FurnaceStirring metal with electromagnetic power/Electromagnetic StirrerCorrespond to escalating demand of LNG transportation/Cryogenic Submerged Motor

Main Products

  • Lifting magnets
  • Refrigerator motors
  • High-efficiency generators
  • Cryogenic motors
  • Cogeneration systems
  • Biomass power generators

Liftmag magnetsUltra high vacuum melting furnace Ground power unit for aircraft maintenanceSubmerged motorsSteam turbine generator