Industrial Transportation

  • Belt Loader
  • Container Pallet Loader
  • Main Dock Loader
  • Passenger Step
  • Elevating Transporter
  • Elevating Transporter (EV)
  • Battery FolkLift Truck

From airports to seaports and warehouses, special industrial vechicles provide efficient transport.

Easily handling heavy objects that an ordinary truck cannot possibly carry...these are our special industrial support vehicles. Our industrial vehicles are used to transport very heavy loads such as steel, construction materials and large containers in places like warehouses, tunnels and ports. Other types tow aircraft, help crews and passengers embark and disembark, load and unload cargo, and supply electric power, ensuring safe and comfortable air travel.

Ground support equipment including many kinds of vehicles specially designed for specific purposes are used with confidence in airports around the world.

  • GSE -Ground Support Equipment-IV -Industrial Vehicles-

From towing aircraft, boarding of passengers, loading of cargos to even power supply to aircraft, Sinfonia support safe and smooth flight with our ground support equipment (GSE). Those specialized vehicle works not only in Japan but also all over the world.

The industrial vehicles of SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. are effectively used for many loading and transport applications, ranging from the transport of such heavy and awkward loads as steel, construction materials, and large containers, to the transport of small-scale consumer goods, which requires speedy, large-volume handling.In locations such as stock facilities, warehouses,harbors, tunnels and railroad power lines, our vehicles are on the job, delivering rapid and efficient transport.

Elevating Transporter