Large Format Digital Photo Printer : Color Stream E1
Best for Portrait Photo, Photo Album, and more! Improve your value of 8" size print!
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Product Information
Fast Printer Speed
8"x10" print result can be made within 30 seconds, and
8"x12" - within 35 seconds and these are the fastest speed in roll type 8" size printer.
The experience of our dye-sub printer technologies now introduces high speed, 8" size, and roll-fed printer Color Stream E1.
Roll-Fed Paper
Roll-Fed mechanism gives printer edge-to-edge print, paper-jam free, and low-waste operation, comparing with cut sheet printer.
  • Edge-to-edge print enable to reduce cutting area of prints.
  • Roll-fed structure has superiority in anti-paper-jam provision, carrying out stabilized paper feeding.
Multiple Print
Not only full size print but also multiple print is availabe.
The deatils are shown in the back side page.
Robust Printer
Color Stream E1 is most reliable and stable 8" size printer in the world.
It is proved by long run & best sales in the 8" size dye-sub printers.
Excellent memory with excellent photo : 8x10 & 8x12 size of print is active in various situations as scenery, sports, portrait, cruising, wedding, travelphoto, etc : Landscape/Portrait/Party/Sports/Wedding/Cruising
Model No. CHC-S1245
Print method Dye sublimation thermal transfer
Resolution 300dpi
Paper size capacity 280 per roll : 203.0 x 254.0 (8”x 10")
230 per roll : 203.0 x 304.8 (8”x 12")
Multiple print (8”x 4")x2, (8”x 5")x2, (8”x 4" & 8”x 6") with 8”x 10"
(8”x 6")x2, (8”x 4")x3 with 8”x 12"
Print speed 8”x10" 30 sec. per sheet (standard mode)
39 sec. per sheet (high quality mode)(*1)
8”x12" 35 sec. per sheet (standard mode)
46 sec. per sheet (high quality mode)(*1)
Ink ribbon / Paper YMC+OP / Roll paper
Dimensions 342mm(W) x 345mm(H) x 489mm(D)
Weight 28kg (61.8lb)
Power supply AC100V - 120V / 220V - 240V Auto-switching
Power consumption 2.5A - 5.1A
Interface USB 2.0
Buffer memory 64 MB
Regulations UL, cUL, FCC, Class A, RoHS(*2)
RoHS Comply
Printer driver, software Windows Driver (2000 / XP / Vista / 7(32bit)), DLL (SDK)
* 1 : not incl. Data transferring time
* 2 : Other regulations planned to be applied.
Microsoft and Windows Vista are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Unit : mm
Consumable Parts
Items P/No. No.of Prints Price
8" X 10" Size Consumable Set
(203mm x 254mm)
164-11-09753 280 copies/set, 1 set/box Open
8" X 12" Size Consumable Set
(203mm x 305mm)
164-11-09868 230 copies/set, 1 set/box Open