Digital Photo Printer CHC-S9045
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High performance printer using state-of-the-art technology
Product Information
photo A Digital Photo Printer that increases possibilitiesin the digital age!
Digital cameras now become very popular, and they have a widening range of applications, such as photo prints, postcards, and stickers.
The CHC-S9045 Digital Photo Printer applies the most advanced dye sublimation printing technology for high picture quality. It is smaller and more compact than existing printers but holds more paper.
It is also much easier to use with an automatic paper feed function , and it is possible to print photos, postcards and stickers as you like.
Used in photo shops and similar locations for personal amusement, sightseeing or ID photos, the CHC-S9045 Digital Photo Printer offers new potential for the photo business.
1. Automatic Paper Feed
Easy installation. Just set the paper and close the compartment. To protect the environments the paper roll has no core to waste.
2. Small and Lightweight
The compact design enables you to carry it easily. At 11 kg (24lb) , it is one of lightest weight printers for commercial use.
3. Fast Printing
Fast printing speed takes only 19 sec per PC size print. Delivers PC (4"×6") size digital photo within 19 sec, L (3.5"×5") size within 18 sec. It is in fastest class for commercial.
4. Exellent Color Reproduction
Dye sublimation printing's 300dpi resolution is equivalent to ink jet printing's 4800dpi.
Clear depiction of details and fine quality reproduction, to match conventional silver halide prints.
Especially skin color reproduction is improved compared with our previous model.
5. High quality
Special roll paper gives prints with the luster, the thickness, and the quality feel of conventional print. Highly resistant to fading, photos will keep high color quality for 100 years*. Paper curling is minimaized even on Large size print.
(*Based on our environment test)
Model CHC-S9045
Print method Dye sublimation thermal transfer
Resolution 300dpi
Print sizes L 3.5"x 5"(89 x 127mm)
PC 4"x 6"(102 x 152mm)
2L 5"x 7"(127 x 178mm)
6"x 9" 152 x 229mm
Stickers 92 x 146mm(PC size with border)
No.of prints
(per roll)
L 335 sheets
PC 500 sheets
2L 290 sheets
6"x 9" 225 sheets
Printing time L size:18 sec max,PC size:19 sec #1
Ink ribbon YMC + OP
Paper method Roll‐to‐cut,Automatic feed #2
type Paper,Stickers #3
Buffer memory 16 Mbyte
Interface USB2.0
Printer driver Plug‐in DLL,Windows driver #4
Others Power consumption Below 300 W
Power source voltage AC90 V ~264 V,Auto‐Switching
Dimensions 265 mm(W)x 262 mm(H)x 319 mm(D),
Weight 11 kg (24lb)
Regulatories UL,c‐UL,FCC,CE,CCC,MIC/EK, RoHS
Accessories AC power cable,Operation manual,Trim box (only for paper printing model),Ink cartridge,Paper flange,Printer driver #4
# 1 SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. measurement, not including data processing time
# 2 Guaranteed with new paper only
# 3 Stickers applicable PC size only
# 4 To be compatible with Windows (R) 2000 / XP
Supply List
Items P/No. No.of Prints Price
L Size Consumable Set 164-11-09825 335 copies/set, 2 sets/box Open
PC (4X6) Size Consumable Set 164-11-09645 500 copies/set, 2 sets/box Open
2L Size Consumable Set 164-11-09611 290 copies/set, 2 sets/box Open
6"X9" Size Consumable Set 164-11-09612 225 copies/set, 2 sets/box Open
PC Size Consumable Set (Stickers) 164-11-09588 500 copies/set, 2 sets/box Open