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CSM contactless controller
4x over excitation on a printed circuit board
The CSM controller is a contactless controller for electromagnetic clutches/brakes. This controller uses a 4x over-excitation method and a time lag circuit, realizing excellent performance which is suitable for high frequency operation. Also by mounting the parts on a printed circuit board, we can achieve a smaller footprint and lower the cost at the same time.

Dimensional outline drawing

Input voltage AC V *100(Over excitation power),30(Operating power)
Fuse capacity A 5(AC100V side),3(AC30V side)
Output voltage DC V Larger than 90(In over excitation),24(In normal excitation)
Capacity(Normal load capacity) W 55
(variable by volume)
Over excitation time
10-160(40 at shipping)
Time lag(ms) 1-80(50 at shipping)
Structure Printed circuit board, card open enclosure
Ambient temperature 0°C - +40°C
Control signal Less than DC13V10mA
(Possible both with contact or contact less signal)
Display of operation Display on printed circuit board by LED
Weight Kg 0.15

(Note)1. Don't connect a varistor as a discharge circuit.
(Note)2. AC 45-110V can be used as the * signed over excitation input voltage. In this case, the over excitation output voltage varies roughly proportionally.

External connection diagram
1 PS terminal is for switching CL/MB by an external power source. See the operation manual for details
2 Only current of several milliamps can be used for the external signal so ensure an appropriate input.

About the external (input) power source
See the figure bellow for the category and the connection of the external (input) power source.
*Don't connect as is shown below. The internal elements will be instantaneously destroyed.