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EMP contactless controller
2x over-excitation
The EMP controller is a contactless controller used for electromagnetic clutches/brakes. It uses a 2x over-excitation method and a time lag circuit to achieve very stable operation even when high frequency and high precision is required. Additionally, it uses a fully contactless technique circuit configuration utilizing power transformers, yielding high performance and long operating life.


Dimensional outline drawing
RH1 Control to adjust the time lag from brake to clutch.
RH2 Control to adjust the time lag from clutch to brake.
RH3 Control to adjust over-excitation time (Both for clutch and brake)

SW1 Switch between 2 signals and single signal (ON: mono signal)
SW2 Switch between a voltage signal and non-voltage signal (ON: voltage signal)
SW3 Switch between alternating operation of clutch and brake or single operation (ON: single operation)

Input voltage AC V 100/110,200/220
Fuse capacity A 2 5
Output voltage DC V 24 24
Capacity(Normal load capacity) W 25 70
Circuit technique 2x over-excitation contactless
Rating Continuous
(variable by volume)
Over excitation time
10-80(30 at shipping) 10-80(50 at shipping)
  Time lag(ms) 1-80(20 at shipping) 1-80(50 at shipping)
Structure Steel plate, wall mounting, protective enclosure
Weight Kg 1.6 3.4
Painting color Munsell 7.5BG6/1.5

(Note) Don't connect a varistor as a discharge circuit.

External connection diagram
1 PS terminal is for switching CL/MB by an external power source. See the operation manual for details.
2 Only current of several milliamps can be used for the external signal so ensure an appropriate input.