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Torque control clutches/brakes
With a unique ideal powder and an advanced structural design, you can precisely transmit a wide range of torque values.
Model Type Structure Torque range (Nm) Features
Powder clutches/brakes
Powder clutches/brakes photo
POC Natural cooling clutch 1~800 * Wide range, high precision, proportional controllability
* Stable, constant torque characteristics
* Shockless connection/break
* Smooth, continuous slip characteristics
* Suitable for high frequency operation
* Long operation life without abrasion dust
PHC Self-ventilating clutch
PMC Micro powder Clutch
POB Natural cooling brake
PHB Natural cooling brake
Heat pipe cooled powder brake
Heat pipe cooled powder brake photo
PTB-BL3 Heat pipe cooled brake 25~200 * Remarkable thermal radiation capability
Dry-type single plate brake
Dry-type single plate brake photo
TB Tension brake 10~380 * Smooth, wide range slip characteristics