Transportation & Power Control Systems

Using technologies accumulated over many years, we have developed highly efficient multi-purpose automatic ticket dispensers. The wide range of station equipment we provide for public systems includes low automatic ticket vending machines required by the Barrier Free Transportation Law. We also develop and supply electrical equipment for railway rolling stock: ATC and electric brakes to ensure the safety of railway transportation, and braking equipment that smoothly controls acceleration and deceleration. Advanced technologies only available from our company help ensure the comfortable and stable operation of transportation systems.

Main Products

  • Vending machines for contactless IC cards
  • IC card replenishment devices
  • Meal ticket vending machines
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Barrier-free ticket vending machines
  • Balance display machines for IC cards
  • Flapper gates for use with contactless IC Cards
  • Bicycle parking lot management systems

Automatic ticket vending machineBlocks for automatic machine useTachometer generators for rolling stockEngine drive variable speed, constant frequency and constant voltage power generation systemsElectrical/electronic brakes for rolling stock