Semiconductor Equipment

  • 300/200mm Wafer Auto Switchingnew
    Load Port
    Smart SELOP-7

    NEW Series LOAD PORT
    200mm Wafer is also available to
    300mm Wafer LP by just setting Open Cassette Adapter.One Configuration Available in Both 300mm and 200mm.


  • 1300/200mm Wafer mapping function (No Change Required)

  • 2Preventing mechanism for wafer protrusion.

  • 3Safety lock function to keep adapter door close when wafer is being transported.

Able to Identity Automatically
  • 300mm Wafer FOUP or 200mm Wafer Open cassette
  • Automatically changes Load Port parameter and notify to Host

  • FOUP Set
  • FOUP Remove
  • Adapter Stage Set
  • Connector In
  • Adapter Stage Open
  • Adapter Stage Operation
  • Adapter Stage Close
  • Adapter Stage Dock